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MSA Award Presented to Valley of Peoria Brothers!

Congratulations to Brad Ingram MSA and Jim Shrum MSA!

Congratulations to Brand Ingram and Jim Shrum for receiving their MSA during the Illinois Council of Deliberation (ICOD) held in June of 2022 in Springfield Illinois.

Jim Shrum: "It was a wonderful ceremony! Thanks to my brothers for giving me the opportunity to receive this award." Brand Ingram: I appreciate that my brothers thought enough about me to give me this award.

Brad and Jim received their MSA during the awards ceremony on the evening of ICOD. All of the Valley's in the state participate and a good time was had by all!

Congratulations to the 2022 MSA Winner!

Also announced was the 2022 MSA Award recipient John Mitchell. He will receive his MSA during the June 2023 ceremony.

Each Valley received one MSA this year from the usual two given.

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