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Valley of Peoria Officers

Get Involved

Are you a member? Want to get more involved? Think about becoming an officer in the Valley of Peoria. Just talk with us and we're happy to get you started!

Valley of Peoria Officers for

2024 - 2025

Central City Lodge of Perfection

TPM - William R. Mehrhoff
DM - Lee Katz
SW - Michael Duffy
JW - Ed Howard
Orator - Ben Tilly

Peoria Council Princes of Jerusalem

SP - Donald Williams
HP - Evan Moore
SW - Matt King
JW - Cally Stien
Master of Ceremonies - George Goodlow III

Peoria Chapter of Rose Croix

MWM - Charles Robertson, MSA
SW - Robert Hunsicker
JW - Derek Howald
Orator - Anthony Flores
Master of Ceremonies - Larry Tolls

Peoria Consistory, SPRS

CIC - Alan Gideonsen, 33°
1st Lt Com - Randy Vawter
2nd Lt Com - Rick Gibson
Orator - TBA
Chancellor- TBA

All Body Officers

Exec Secretary - Donald Williams
Fraternal Secretary - Cory Willis
Treasurer - Bill Shaner, 33°
Asst. Treasurer - TBA
Tyler - Ron Kirchgessner, MSA

Hospitaller - TBA

Chaplain - Mike Hines, 33°, MSA

Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

Sovereign Grand Commander

Illustrious Bro. Walter F. Wheeler, 33°


Deputy for Illinois

Illustrious Bro. Greg Clark, 33°


Active for Peoria

Illustrious Bro. Nick Graff, 33°, MSA


Deputy's Rep - Valley of Peoria

Illustrious Bro. P. Mike Nuske, 33° MSA

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