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Donate and Help the Valley!!

The Blue Envelope appeal has begun! You likely got your letter in the mail the other day. The reason we're posting this here is because it's good to help masons by donating, but also because it's a 'plank' in the Valley of Excellence program.

For every member who donates we get a percentage of a point toward the plank goal. So we need members to donate and it doesn't necessarily need to be a certain amount. Anything from $5 to as much as you want works.

To do it online go to the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Donations page and make sure the 'Apply my gift to:' field says 'Blue Envelope' and you list your home valley as 'Peoria'.

It's as simple as that! And with your donation we get a point towards the Valley of Excellence!!

Want to help even more (and not even have to donate...)? Talk to a masonic brother and ask him to join the Valley of Peoria!! We're looking to add 36 NEW members. Just have them click the 'Join' button on this page to get the ball rolling!!

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