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Valley of Peoria Receives Valley Award of Excellence Honor

Valley Will Receive Three 33° in Louisville, KY

Through hard work and dedication the Valley of Peoria was awarded the Valley of Excellence Award by Supreme Council for 2022. The award is given to Valley’s who complete at least 90% of the tasks in the Valley of Excellence program. Because we increased new members, Participated in and supported our communities, did programs for members and their families, and donated to the Scottish Rite the Valley hit 92% of the task.

One of the rewards for being a Valley of Excellence is receiving a 33°. Because of this the Valley of Peoria will have not one, not two, but THREE 33° candidates at the 2023 Supreme Council in Louisville, KY.

Two of the 33° came because the Deputy for the State of Illinois, Illustrious Brother Greg Clark announced that each Valley in Illinois would recieve one 33° candidate. Peoria earned a second candidate because the Valley reaching a new membership target.

2021-2022 Commander in Chief H. Wayne Hoffman credited the hard word of Paul Watters for contributing to the Valley receiving the award of excellence. He also praised members who worked hard to hit the goal when Supreme Council announced what was needed to win the award.

The names of the three candidates will be announced in August during the 2022 Supreme Council meeting which only actives can participate in.

All members are welcome to come to Supreme council in 2023 to support our three candidates. Only those with a 33° however are able to watch the actual degree.

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